Sunday, October 4, 2015

TPPA - A viewpoint of a Malaysian Union

Dear Editor,

I have read articles on TPPA and would like to offer my opinion.

We as workers union can't express happiness or sadness of the upcoming conclusion of TPPA. In another word,confused state of mind. The reason is because we dont even know the content of the agreement which contains 29 chapters including labour chapter. 

However, from workers view, one agenda which concerns us very much is the Investor State Dispute settlement which supercedes local laws. That means any dispute with employers will be decided by international law. What will be the status of labour laws, collective agreement and other local laws? Will it be redundant n irrelevant?

Only one topic creates shivers but we have not spoken about other 28 chapters which includes increase of cost for medicines. 

While many consultations have taken place with the Government, all this meetings were not transparent and merely seeking opinions. 

We hope before any decision taken, we urge the Government to discuss with the Malaysian Trades Union Congress and other stake holders to understand and improvise any agreements which are detrimental to workers, citizens and businesses.

Thank you

A.Prem Kumar
General Secretary
Association of Maybank Executives

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