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Majikan langsung tidak prihatin masalah pekerja & keluarganya?

Tangisan Pekerja Hong Leong Bank

Sejak 17 tahun yang lalu, A. Edmund Rich a/l Anthonysamy mencurahkan tenaganya di Hong Leong Bank. Hampir 6 hari seminggu dia berulang alik ke HLBB Auto Loan Centre, Jelutong Pulau Pinang untuk melaksanakan tugasnya sebagai seorang kerani dengan tekun.

Tetapi sebagai balasan, HLBB menunjukkan penghargaan dengan kejam dan memindahkannya hampir 400 km dari keluarganya tanpa belas kasihan.

Edmund bimbang tentang keluarganya. Sebagai anak sulung, beliau menjaga keluarganya. Kedua-dua ibu bapanya sakit dan dia perlu membawa mereka untuk pemeriksaan di Hospital Kulim. Manakala, bapa mertuanya berkaki kudung kerana kedua-dua kakinya dipotong berikutan sakit kencing manis. Ahli-ahli keluarga yang lain pula tidak dapat menghulurkan bantuan kerana mereka mempunyai kesukaran mereka sendiri.

Disebabkan kekurangan pendapatan bulanan, isterinya terpaksa bekerja untuk meringankan beban Edmund dan untuk menjimatkan kos mereka juga telah membeli sebuah rumah di Butterworth. Baru-baru ini , isterinya melahirkan anak kembar, dan sekiranya dia dipindahkan ke Puchong, ia akan menyebabkan kesengsaraan kepada Edmund dan keluarganya.


A. Edmund Rich a/l Anthonysamy has been working with Hong Leong Bank Berhad (HLBB) for the past 17 years. He has been commuting to HLBB Auto Loan Centre, Jelutong Penang almost 6 days a week to perform his duties as a clerical staff diligently.

HLBB showed their appreciation towards his 17 years of service cruelly by transferring him almost 400 km away from his family, without even considering the amount hardship it will cost him.

Upon learning about the unfair relocation, the reality sank in and Edmund started to worry about his family. As the eldest son, he performs his filial duties diligently by carrying the responsibility of taking care of his family.

Both of his parents are ill and he needs to take them for regular check-up at Kulim Hospital. Apart from that, he also need to tend to his father in-law who has both the legs amputated due to diabetes. The other family members are unable to lend a helping hand as they have their own hardships.

Due to constraints of monthly income, his wife had to work to lighten Edmund's burden and they had also purchased a house in Butterworth to save cost.

Recently, his wife delivered a twin and If he is transferred to Puchong he has to uproot the entire family which will create great hardship.

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Exco Sesi 2013-2016 MTUC Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan - Syabas

Sesi 2013-2016 MTUC Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan.

Pengerusi - Wan Noorulazhar bin Mohd Hanafiah.
Naib Pengerusi - Rudy bin Rusly (Kesatuan pekerja2 Kelab Semenanjung)
Setiausaha - Mohd Khairi Man (EIWU)
Pen Setiausaha - Azura Ahmad Sukir (Selangor Textile).
Bendahari - M.Muniapah (KPPP TNB)

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Contest for all positions in MTUC election (NST)

4 November 2013| last updated at 03:09PM

Contest for all positions in MTUC election

SHAH ALAM:- The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) for the first time since its formation in 1949 will see a contest between its incumbent secretary-general and president for the national union's top post at its triennial delegates conference next month.

The spotlight will be on the contest for the post of president at the election on Dec 22 between incumbent secretary-general, Abdul Halim Mansor and president, Mohd Khalid Atan. 
Abdul Halim, who is general secretary of the National Union of Petroleum and Chemical Industry Workers when contacted by Bernama confirmed that he would be contesting for the top post for which he had received nine nominations while Mohd Khalid who received 18 nominations, said he would defend his post. 
Abdul Halim said another person who was nominated for the MTUC president post was Malaysia Airlines Employees Union (Maseu) president Alias Aziz who received one nomination. 
The nominations for the MTUC election which opened on Oct 1 and closed on Nov 1, showed there would be contests for all important posts.
Incumbent MTUC deputy president, Mohd Jafar Abd Majid received 10 nominations for the deputy president post, while Abdul Razak Md Hassan, who is president of the Railwaymen Union of Malaya and Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid from Club Employees Union received 15 and two nominations respectively for the same post.
Abdul Halim said a five-cornered fight was expected for the post of secretary-general involving the general secretary of the National Union of Transport Equipment and Allied Industries Workers, N. Gopala Krishnan, Maybank Executive Union general secretary, A. Prem Kumar and three others. 
Incumbent deputy secretary-general, Samuel Devadasan will face R. Jey Kumar from the All Malaysia Estate Staff Union, Kamarul Baharin Mansor from Southern Waste and incumbent vice-president A.Balasubramaniam, in defending his post.  
A total of 23 unionists were nominated to contest for five vice-president posts representing the private sector, seven nominated to contest three vice-president posts (public sector) and six to contest three vice-president posts (statutory bodies). 
Abdul Halim said 555 delegates from 129 unions were entitled to elect MTUC office-bearers for the 2013-2016 term during its triennial delegates conference on Dec 21-22 at a venue to be confirmed later. 
The National Union of the Teaching Profession will be sending the largest delegation comprising 42 delegates to the conference. 
MTUC has about 620,000 members from 162 affiliated unions from the private and public sectors and statutory bodies. -- BERNAMA - New Straits Times, 4/11/2013, Contest for all positions in MTUC election

Nufam wants MAS to lift suspension of Ismail (The Sun Daily)

See earlier post for backgroud:Malaysian Airlines(MAS), a GLC, suspends Union President for calling MAS CEO to resign?


Nufam wants MAS to lift suspension of Ismail

SUBANG JAYA (Nov 18, 2013): The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) wants Malaysia Airlines' (MAS) management to lift the suspension of Ismail Nasaruddin and retract a show cause letter and all allegations made against him.

Nufam Secretariat spokesperson Mahmood Abdullah said the union wants the airline's management to meet nine requests, which include the immediate lifting of Ismail's suspension, failing which it will march in protest to Putrajaya. Ismail is president of Nufam.

Ismail was suspended from duty on November 8, following Nufam's call for MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya to step down for, what it called, management's failure in addressing the plight of cabin crew members over the past few years.

Mahmood said Ismail's suspension is unacceptable as he was speaking in his capacity as Nufam president.

"If MAS fails to address these issues, we will march to the Prime Minister's office to submit a memorandum," he told reporters at a press conference last Friday.

The nine items on the memorandum include the acknowledgement of Nufam as the official union representing cabin crew members, to uphold the Industrial Relations Act 1967 Article 59 and to uphold the United Nation's Convention ILO 87 which constitutes all unions' right to carry out duties and freedom of speech.

Ismail, who was also present at the press conference, said MAS management's actions reflect trade union busting and is also a challenge or threat to other union leaders in Malaysia.

"If MAS can do this to me, other government-linked companies (GLCs) can do the same. That will be the downfall of Malaysian law," he said.

The acknowledgement of Nufam as a union representing MAS' cabin crew by the management of the national carrier has been a bone of contention for awhile now, with the union crying foul over MAS' disengagement, as the airline itself remains mum on its stand with the union.

While talk of a judicial review of the secret ballot which had led to Nufam's entry into MAS has surfaced, the national carrier is yet to respond on whether a review is ongoing. - The Sun Daily, 18/11/2013, Nufam wants MAS to lift suspension of Ismail

Friday, November 15, 2013

Malaysian Airlines(MAS), a GLC, suspends Union President for calling MAS CEO to resign?

It is shocking to hear that the National airline Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has suspended the president of the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM), Ismail Nasaruddin, for a statement he made to the media against MAS chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, pending a domestic inquiry.

Any Union representing workers have the right for better worker rights and benefits for its members, and criticising the employer company, the companies management or its CEO is not wrong. After all, the primary tool that any worker union has in its struggle on behalf of the workers is to 'pressurize' the employer company into doing the needful. That is essentially what workers and their unions do through pickets, making public statements, issuing and sending memorandums, etc.., noting that all these are public actions, a strategy that some calls as 'name and shame' actions.

The other option available is to go on strike - i.e. the workers do not go to work until the employer is compelled to negotiate or move from their 'hard position' and accommodate to some/all worker/Union demands.

Public pressure and economic pressure is the main tools that workers have to get better rights/benefits and working conditions.

In this case, based on the news report below, the Union sees the current CEO as being the stumbling block and so what is wrong if the ask on MAS to sack the said CEO. But wait, they in fact did not ask MAS to sack the said CEO, but asked only that CEO resigns. A good strategy because it allows for escalation later on if this strategy fails to achieve the desired object, i.e. the calling of MAS to sack this CEO. Maybe later, they may have adopted even more stronger strategies...the final maybe going for an all out strike.

What does NUFAM want?

'... unhappy that there has been no changes in resolving the cabin crew's problems...' The management have cut costs drastically on the cabin crew and did not bother to review their allowances and salaries - '...changes, which are drastic and being implemented within short notice, are affecting the welfare and safety of MAS' cabin crew. They include weight control rules, transport services and vigorous work schedules....'  and this CEO(appointed in 2011) has allegedly had the time to do so but have not... 

Now, I believe that these are legitimate worker issues, concerns and demands... 

Most disturbing is that alleged new rule/policy which is gender bias and/or is insensitive 
One of the latest new policies imposed by MAS is a weight control ruling where cabin crew are told to reduce their weight to achieve a certain body mass index within three to six months. Failure to do so would result in an automatic transfer to ground work.

The new rule is also a blanket policy and affects all cabin crew members including those who have just returned from maternity leave and may find it difficult to drastically lose weight within a short time frame.
Remember worker members of the UNION would also ask Union president or officers to resign if they are seen to be not fighting for the betterment of the union members - in fact, in a Union, they can get rid of such ineffective leaders by voting them out...or even calling for an EGM/AGM or an appropriate meeting and passing a vote of no confidence. Certainly it will be wrong a UNION or the Union president or officers to respond by just sacking or getting rid of such a member... This recently happened in MTUC.

Now, what NUFAM wants as a step forward towards resolution of these issues is for MAS to sit down with NUFAM (a registered and recognized Trade Union) and negotiate and work out the Collective Bargaining Agreement  (the CA)

But, MAS is delaying this process citing as a reason some judicial review...(that means MAS unhappy with some decision of the Minister wants to apply to court to review that decision)

Nufam also wants MAS management to start immediate negotiations on a new collective agreement (CA) with the cabin crew, saying it is causing more problems with each delay.

Nufam had received an email from MAS management on Oct 30, 2013, rejecting the union's call to start discussions on a CA for Nufam members, citing the judiciary review as its reason.
Making all kinds of objections and applications to the Director General of Trade Union (or Director General of Industrial Relations), and then appealing to the Minister against that decision... And thereafter filing for judicial review of the Minister's decision that favoured the Union in the High Court, and if the High Court is still against the company, filing an Appeal to the Court of Appeal, and maybe even after that to the Federal Court  is all strategies employed by EMPLOYERS (generally Bad employers, in my opinion) to stifle worker and trade union rights. All these strategies only delays even further worker suffering and grievances...and it can take years. Remember that this also was the strategy used by RENESAS in delaying the recognition of Trade Union.

The other strategy that some bad employers would use is by terminating Union and worker leaders - again, this happened in the RENESAS case. Get rid of the strong leaders, and it will weaken the Union and demoralize the rest of worker union members...maybe even stop the demands for better rights and working conditions.

Hence, the suspension of the president of the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam), Ismail Nasaruddin, pending a domestic inquiry, is wrong and can be construed as a 'union busting action'.

Ismail was suspended without allowances with immediate effect starting Nov 8 following a news report quoting him that was published on the same day.
We do not have sight of the actual charges being levied against Ismail, but possibly he would be terminated. Problem is that even if he lodges a complaint in the Industrial Relations Department claiming wrongful dismissal, which after conciliation attempts fail and the matter is referred to the Minister who then can or will not refer the matter to the Industrial Court. Even if referred to the Industrial Court, who at the end of the day finds that Ismail had been wrongfully dismissed, most probably Ismail will not be reinstated but will only get some compensation in lieu of reinstatement. The company will WIN in that it has successfully gotten rid of the Union and worker leader, and the Union and worker loses.
MAS is a Government-Linked Company (GLC), and the government also owns a substantial portion of MAS and has great influence of what MAS does or does not do. 
The right thing to do, in my opinion, is to discontinue disciplinary proceedings against the Union president, discontinue the suspension and immediately proceed to sit down and start working out the Collective Bargaining Agreement(CA/CBA) between the Union and MAS. This would hopefully resolve all grievances, and MAS and Malaysia would come out as entities and government that promote and respect worker and trade union rights.
What happens here will impact not just the image of MAS, but also the Barisan Nasional government of Malaysia and its Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.
See below, the November 8 report that appeared in Sun Daily(possibly the one that is used by MAS for commencing disciplinary action against Ismail), and also the Malaysiakini report that came out on 14/11/2013

Nufam calls for resignation of MAS' CEO

Posted on 8 November 2013 - 05:38am

Eva Yeong

Ashraf Shamsul/THE SUN
PETALING JAYA (Nov 8, 2013): The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam), which represents 3,500 cabin crew at Malaysia Airlines (MAS), has called on the national carrier's CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya to resign, saying he had failed to resolve their plight since he took over the helm in September 2011.
In a statement yesterday, Nufam Secretariat said it is calling on the prime minister to review Jauhari's contract and remove him as the CEO of MAS, which is a government appointed position, unhappy that there has been no changes in resolving the cabin crew's problems and they are have become demoralised.
"Three years is long enough to observe how a CEO of a GLC (government-linked company) takes seriousness and consideration into the cabin crew's issues," it said. 
"The management have cut costs drastically on the cabin crew and did not bother to review their allowances and salaries," it further claimed. 
Nufam also wants MAS management to start immediate negotiations on a new collective agreement (CA) with the cabin crew, saying it is causing more problems with each delay.
Nufam had received an email from MAS management on Oct 30, 2013, rejecting the union's call to start discussions on a CA for Nufam members, citing the judiciary review as its reason.
The union also urged MAS' biggest trade union, Malaysia Airlines System Employees Union Peninsular Malaysia (Maseu) to "stop playing dirty politics", alleging that the latter had played a part in causing the cabin crew's problems of today.
"Maseu (cabin crew) members wants to leave the union and they must be allowed to do so. No one should stop the members from tendering their memberships in Maseu," said Nufam.

In an interview with SunBiz, Nufam president Ismail Nasaruddin (pix) said while it has been perceived as a glamorous job, being paid to travel, but for MAS cabin crew, the job has become increasingly challenging with the drastic changes being implemented by its management.

He said the changes, which are drastic and being implemented within short notice, are affecting the welfare and safety of MAS' cabin crew. They include weight control rules, transport services and vigorous work schedules.

"They (MAS management) said they had discussed with Maseu before putting these changes into the CA, but the discussions are behind Nufam's back," said Ismail.

One of the latest new policies imposed by MAS is a weight control ruling where cabin crew are told to reduce their weight to achieve a certain body mass index within three to six months. Failure to do so would result in an automatic transfer to ground work.

The new rule is also a blanket policy and affects all cabin crew members including those who have just returned from maternity leave and may find it difficult to drastically lose weight within a short time frame.

"It was not done in fairness and is a form of discrimination against employees. This is also the first time they are picking on this (weight control) issue," said Ismail.

He added that in the past, the management would advise those who are above a certain BMI and give them time to adjust their weight or offer them the option of transferring to ground operations instead of an automatic deployment.

Another new ruling is the change in transport services for employees who are on duty.

Due to "changes in the agreement between MAS and the transport company", cabin crew who joined in 2004 or later are no longer able to enjoy the transport services provided by the airline for pick-up from home.

Ismail said this is unfair to those who joined in 2004 or later, as they had signed contracts that included transportation as part of the benefits.

In addition, work schedules have become more vigorous for the cabin crew as there are more flight hours and less off days in between flights, while some are required to work on international flights immediately after completing a domestic flight.

Despite reports to the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), things have remained the same as the authority has said that MAS practices a fair system in scheduling its cabin crew members.

"The crew are overworked according to schedules and Nufam has raised these concerns with MAS. These are fatigue issues concerning the safety and welfare of employees…we request the DCA to monitor the work schedules of cabin crew," he added.

"Nufam wants the airline to straighten out their policies. All these policies concerning cabin crew must be regulated. The welfare and safety of the cabin crew must be looked into by the government," said Ismail.

At press time, MAS did not reply to queries from SunBiz. - The Sun Daily, 8/11/2013, Nufam calls for resignation of MAS' CEO

MAS suspends Nufam president

PETALING JAYA (Nov 14, 2013): Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has suspended its chief steward Ismail Nasaruddin from all flying duties indefinitely after the president of the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) made a press statement against the national airline.

In a statement yesterday, Nufam Secretariat said Ismail's suspension was pending an investigation into the matter.

The union has notified the Human Resources Ministry of the suspension of its president.

"A memorandum was delivered to the Minister of Human Resources yesterday (Tuesday) calling on him to intervene immediately," it added.

Nufam had on Oct 7, 2013 called on MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya to resign, saying he had failed to resolve their plight since he took over the helm in September 2011.

Nufam Secretariat said the suspension against union officers is an act against the ILO Convention 87 "rights to allow freedom of association" and also under the clauses of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 Section 59, which states no union officials are to be threatened or be made victimised while serving in a union.

"We want the Minister of Law to ensure the safety of every union leaders in this country us safe from being terrorised by companies and they deserve to be protected by the government," it added, saying that there is a need to review the Trade Union laws in the country.

"Union leaders are not protected in this country unlike those in other countries. There is also a need to understand the Trade Union's objectives. Every union leader represents the workers' problems and Nufam represents the voice of cabin crew workers.

It added that MAS should be able to accept criticism from the union over their short comings and not react against it in such a manner.

Nufam Secretariat also said it will continue to file discriminatory charges against MAS to the Ministry of Human Resources and raise all cabin crew matters in order to preserve the rights of cabin crew workers with MAS.

The union is expected to convene a press conference tomorrow. - The Sun Daily, 14/11/2011, MAS suspends Nufam president

MAS suspends chief steward for criticising CEO

Aidila Razak | 9:32AM Nov 14, 2013

National airline Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has suspended the president of the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam), Ismail Nasaruddin, for a statement he made to the media against MAS chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, pending a domestic inquiry.

Ismail was suspended without allowances with immediate effect starting Nov 8 following a news report quoting him that was published on the same day.

In a Nov 11 show cause letter sighted by Malaysiakini, MAS said Ismail had acted in contradiction with his duties as a chief steward of the airline by issuing the statement.

The letter also cited a SunBiz report in which Ismail calls for the removal of Ahmad Jauhari (left) as CEO for his alleged failure to attend to the welfare of the MAS cabin crew and engage in collective agreement negotiations with the union.

It said that although Ismail is the union president, he is first and foremost a MAS employee.

Meanwhile, Nufam said in a statement that a memorandum has been sent to the Human Resources Ministry seeking intervention in the matter.

The memorandum, among others, states that Ismail's statements to the press "have basis" and that MAS has refused to acknowledge the union despite Nufam's registration about a year ago.

Defending Ismail in the statement, the union secretariat said the suspension "is simply a case of victimisation" to ease off "pressure made by Nufam leaders on matters highlighted to the public".

"This is simply unacceptable and a display of union-busting by MAS," the secretariat said. "MAS is now further proving how they will use drastic measures against those who question them."

MAS breaking law?

The union added that the suspension went against Convention 87 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which allows freedom of association.

It also accused MAS of contravening section 59 of the Industrial Relations Act 1967, which states that no person can be threatened or victimised for serving in a trade union.

Nufam also called on the government to ensure the job security of all trade union leaders against the tyranny of corporations, particularly government-linked companies.

"Nufam will continue to raise all cabin crew matters in order to preserve the rights of these workers within MAS," it vowed. Malaysiakini has contacted MAS and is awaiting the national airline's response.  - Malaysiakini, 14/11/2011, MAS suspends chief steward for criticising CEO

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Malaysian Airlines(MAS), a GLC, suspends Union President for calling MAS CEO to resign?

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Jika TNB dipecahkan jadi 5 entiti berlainan, ia akan menjejaskan kesatuan sekerja di TNB

Friday, November 15, 2013


KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Nov (Bernama) -- Empat kesatuan dan persatuan pekerja Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) hari ini menggesa Suruhanjaya Tenaga (EC) untuk tidak meneruskan cadangan memisahkan syarikat utiliti nasional itu menjadi lima entiti berlainan.

Kumpulan pekerja tersebut, dalam satu kenyataan bersama memaklumkan mereka terkejut dan kesal dengan kenyataan terkini EC berhubung cadangan memisahkan TNB.
"Kenyataan yang dibuat oleh EC itu telah menimbulkan keresahan di kalangan pekerja TNB. Semua pihak yang berhasrat untuk memisahkan TNB perlu menghormati dan diminta tidak sewenang-wenangnya membuat kenyataan seperti itu.
"Kami ingin menekankan kepada semua pihak yang berhasrat untuk memisahkan TNB supaya tidak lagi memainkan isu ini. Kami bersedia mempertahankan TNB dari dipisahkan dengan apa cara sekali pun," menurut kenyataan itu.
Kumpulan tersebut ialah Persatuan Eksekutif Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Kesatuan Percantuman Pekerja-pekerja TNB, Tenaga Nasional Junior Officers Union dan Persatuan Unit Keselamatan TNB.
Pada 8 Nov lepas, EC dilaporkan sebuah akhbar mengemukakan cadangan untuk memisahkan TNB kepada lima entiti berlainan di bawah inisiatif Kawal Selia Berdasarkan Insentif (IBR) bagi meningkatkan kecekapan operasi firma utiliti nasional itu.
Menurut laporan itu lagi, cadangan pemisahan tersebut akan memudahkanpemantauan ke atas setiap akaun unit perniagaan syarikat utiliti nasional tersebut.
Sehubungan itu, kumpulan kesatuan berkenaan bertindak menghantar surat kepada EC hari ini bagi menyatakan hasrat melakukan kunjungan dalam masa terdekat bagi mendapatkan penjelasan lanjut.

NUBE piket usaha majikan memindahkan pekerja dari Ipon ke Puchong

Bila majikan tiba-tiba menukar tempat kerja pekerja, ianya akan membawa kepada banyak masalah kepada pekerja sekeluarga. Suami/Isteri pekerja terbabit mungkin sudah ada kerja di situ dan bukan senang 'berhenti kerja" dan cari kerja lain di bandar baru. Sama juga dengan anak-anak yang sudah biasa bukan sahaja dalam sekolah tetapi juga komuniti.

Ruman bagaimana? Biasanya rumah sudah dibeli dan keluarga sudah 'settle' - kalau nak pi bandar lain bukan main susah. Tinggalkan rumah begitu sahaja - kini nak cari penyewa pun bukan main susah.

Maka secara munasabah, pekerja sepatutnya tidak diarahkan pindah tempat kerja dari Ipoh ke Puchong - kalau mahupun membenarkan pemindahan kerja macam ini, bukankah majikan sepatutnya memberikan rumah pekerja atau mungkin 'elaun kerja bandar lain' yang akan menampung semua belanja tambahan saperti kos pengangkutan pulang Ipoh akhir minggu, kos penyewaan tempat tinggal di Puchong, kos internet/talipon kerana keluarga perlu selalu berhubung, dsb...

NUBE bertindak untuk membela hak ahlinya, di mana bukan sahaja wakil Union yang bertindak tetapi ahli pekerja yang lain... Harap-harap perjuangan mereka berjaya..

Persoalan penting:- Adakah perjanjian kerja atau CA memberikan hak kepada majikan mengarahkan pekerja pergi kerja di bandar lain? di negeri lain? Dalam keadaan begitu, apakah faedah/pampasan untuk membantu pekerja sekeluarga? 

Mungkin boleh pastikan (1) Majikan Tidak Ada Hak Untuk Memaksa Pekerja Kerja di pejabat/tempat kerja lain; ATAU (2) Hak ini dihadkan kepada kawasan/tempat dalam lingkungan 50 Km atau dalam Negeri yang sama; ...

Piket bermula: Biar kami Basah namun hati kami Tetap BERAPI! 


Fair Park, 14hb November 2013 – Walaupun hujan mencurah – curah bagai “Rahmat ilahi” namun tangisan, kesusahan dan keresahan untuk 7 keluarga yang menghadapi saat paling sukar menjelang minggu hadapan di Ipoh mendapar simpati dan pembelaan daripada rakan – rakan serta sahabat dalam keluarga NUBE Ipoh pada petang ini setelah pihak NUBE (National Union of Bank Employees Peninsular Malaysia) menerusi NUBE Ipoh melancarkan piket sulung menentang pihak majikan bank yang tetap bertegas untuk memindahkan dan memusatkan 7 orang stafnya dari Ipoh ini ke Puchong Kuala Lumpur mulai minggu hadapan.

Sejak awal jam 6 petang , awan di sekeliling bank ini telah menutup setiap ruang menjadikan susana sekeliling bank mendung dan suram iaitu tanda “hari nak runtuh”. Namun, keadaan itu tidak mematahkan hati kami untuk berjuang tak kala selang lima minit kemudian hujan turun selebat – lebatnya.

Ketika itu, azam kami sedikit terhalang untuk beraksi dengan selesa kerana hujan lebat tetapi kami tetap meneruskanya dengan ada antara pemiket memakai “Baju hujan” dan Payung membawa sepanduk bersama “Palycard” keluar dari kaki lima bank ke tepi bahu jalan untuk menyatakan kepada orang ramai yang lalu lalang dengan berkenderaan termasuk orang ramai yang sedang menyaksikan dari sekeliling bangunan berhampiran bank ini perkara yang sebenar berlaku di bank berkenaan kepada staffnya yang kini kesusahan akibat ketegasan yang tidak ada perikemanusian.

Dalam piket ini, pihak NUBE Ipoh telah dikunjungi oleh pegawai – pegawai daripada Jabatan Perhubungan Perusahaan Perak yang hadir melihat piket ini secara dekat sambil piket kami ini juga diawasi oleh pihak PDRM (Polis Diaraja Malaysia). Piket “Dalam Hujan untuk Black Piket 1611″ ini juga telah disertai lebih kurang 60 orang peserta yang menjayakanya yang terdiri daripada ahli – ahli NUBE di Ipoh dan juga serata Perak.

Dalam ucapan penamat pada piket ini, Sdra S Kalaiselvam iaitu Pengerusi NUBE Ipoh berkata “Piket ini adalah langkah untuk mengembalikan tugasan 7 orang ahli NUBE yang ditukarkan ke Puchong kembali bertugas di Ipoh” katanya dipetik.
Laporan NUBE Ipoh untuk NUBE

Monday, November 11, 2013

Domestic Inquiry & Mis-conduct (Salah laku kerja) mesti dalam CA dan perjanjian kerja

SALAH LAKU Kerja (Misconduct) - Ini jelas tidak dinyatakan di mana-mana AKta kecuali isu tak hadhir kerja tanpa sebab...maka, perlu dengan jelas semua 'salahlaku' disenaraikan dengan jelas, termasuk juga penalti/hukuman yang akan dikenakan jika dibuktikan berlaku salah-laku.

Ada salahlaku serius - membawa kepada penamatan kerja, ada yang kurang serius membawa kepada hukuman amaran, denda, mungkin potongan gai/turun pangkat.

Jangan terima sahaja HANDBOOK Majikan yang mungkin menyeneraikan beratus-ratus salah laku kini boleh sampai lebih 500, di mana banyak yang langsung tak jelas atau 'terlalu lebar' - Jadi bincang dan setuju senarai salahlaku yang boleh diterima (dan jenis salah laku dan hukuman yang boleh dikenakan). Jika ada CA - masuk dengan jelas dalam CA. Pastikan salah laku hanya berkenaan pekerjaan dan masa kerja... jangan setuju majikan masuk sebagai salah laku 'tidak boleh masuk parti politik, terlibat dalam aktiviti politik atau memegang jawatan, dsb... Kalau dah tandatangan, sukar nanti mencabarnya... Jangan setruju kalau lewat masuk kerja boleh dikenakan hukuman buang kerja...

Hak untuk perlu ada proses sebelum pekerja dikenakan tindakan disiplin atau dibuang kerja nampaknya tidak terkandung dalam mana-mana Akta, di mana ini bererti untuk memastikan hak ini, ianya harus dimasukkan ke dalam perjanjian kerja atau Collective Bargaining Agreement di antara majikan dan Union.

Grievance Procedure ada, tapi Disciplinary Procedure tidak ada

Apa yang diperhatikan adalah bahawa banyak CA tidak ada apa-apa mengenai isu Domestic Inquiry tetapi ada mengenai Grievance Procedure, iaitu prosidur bila pekerja adalah tidak puas hati mengenai sesuatu berkenaan kerjanya. Mengapa pula tidak ada prosidur jelas bila Majikan tidak puas hati dengan pekerja dan mahu ambil tindakan disiplin.

Secara am, prosidur disiplin terhadap pekerja mesti mempunyai, antara lain, elemen berikut:-


1. Surat tunjuk sebab, yang menyatakan dengan jelas fakta yang membawa kepada tindakan disiplin(dengan bukti), merujuk kepada Salah Laku khusus sapertimana terkandung dalam Perjanjian Kerja atau CBA/CA, yang juga menyatakan hukuman yang akan dikenakan jika didapati salah, mesti di hantar kepada pekerja di mana pekerja diberikan masa tidak kurang daripada 14 hari untuk menjawab.

2. Selepas jawapan surat tunjuk sebab diterima pihak majikan, majikan ada masa 14 hari untuk membalas meminta butiran/jawapan tambahan, atau memberikan keputusan. Kegagalan majikan menjawab dalam masa ditentukan membawa anggapan bahawa isu ini selesai dan/atau tamat. [Jika ada UNION, cadangan adalah bahawa salinan semua surat menyurat kepada ahli pekerja mesti juga disalinkan kepada pihak Union]


1. Jika majikan berhasrat meneruskan proses tindakan disiplin, sebuah Domestic Inquiry mesti diadakan.

2. Pekerja mesti diberikan notis mengenai Domestic Inquiry sekurang-kurang empat belas(14) hari kepada pekerja (serta juga Union) sebelum tarikh domestic inquiry diadakan. Notis mesti mengandungi tuduhan khusus yang mengandungi dengan jelas fakta perlu, serta senarai saksi yang akan dipanggil majikan. Apa-apa dokumen yang hendak digunakan semasa Domestic Inquiry oleh pihak majikan juga harus dibekalkan kepada pekerja.

Pekerja mesti mempunyai hak untuk diwakili peguam, wakil Union atau pekerja lain.

Panel Domestic Inquiry terdiri daripada 3 orang yang berkecuali, yang bukan sama sekali orang perseorangan yang mengarahkan dan/atau memulakan tindakan disiplin, atau merupakan orang yang mungkin dipanggil oleh pihak majikan atau pihak pekerja sebagai saksi. (Jika ada UNION, boleh juga menyatakan bahawa panel akan terdiri daripada seorang calun majikan, seorang calun Union dan seorang yang dipersetujui oleh majikan dan Union - kenapa tidak boleh?)

Cabaran Ahli Panel DI

Pekerja tertuduh mesti dibekalkan dengan nama-nama ahli panel DI terlebih dahulu, sekurang-kurangnya 10 hari sebelum DI (perlu masa buat siasatan)

Pekerja ada hak untuk mencabar ahli panel DI khususnya ia merupakan seorang yang tidak berkecuali samada merujuk kepada atau berkaitan dengan pertuduhan yang dilemparkan, atau berasaskan sesuatu yang dikatakan atau dilakukan oleh ahli Panel berkenaan yang menyebabkan ia dianggap kemungkinan tidak berkecuali.

Sebagai contoh, rujukan kepada Armed Forces Act 

108  Challenges by an accused

(1) An accused about to be tried by a court-martial shall be entitled to object, on any reasonable grounds, to any member of the court, whether appointed originally or in lieu of another officer.
(2) For the purpose of enabling the accused to avail himself of the right conferred by the foregoing subsection, the names of the members of the court shall be read over in the presence of the accused before they are sworn, and he shall be asked whether he objects to any of those officers.
(3) Every objection made by an accused to any officer shall be considered by the other officers appointed members of the court.
(4) If objection is made to the president and not less than one-third of the other members of the court allow it, the court shall adjourn and the convening officer shall appoint another president.
(5) If objection is made to a member of the court other than the president and not less than one-half of the members entitled to vote allow it, the member objected to shall retire and the vacancy may, and if otherwise the number of members would be reduced below the legal minimum shall, be filled in the prescribed manner by another officer.
DI Terbuka

DI terbuka - ertinya siapa-siapa termasuk pekerja kecuali mereka yang bakal dipanggil sebagai saksi boleh hadhir prosiding DI. Mana-mana pekerja yang tidak bekerja semasa prosiding DI atau wakil UNION berkenaan dibenarkan masuk menghadiri DI.

Pertuduhan dibaca kepada pekerja tertuduh yang ada pilihan mengaku salah atau menafikan.

Pekerja pertuduhan ada hak mencabar pertuduhan tersebut atas alasan bahawa ianya bukan satu salah-laku terkandung dalam perjanjian pekerjaan atau CA; Cabaran juga boleh dibuat berasaskan bahawa maksud pertuduhan melakukan salah laku ini adalah tidak teratur dan/atau tidak mematuhi apa-apa pra-syarat. Ahli panel DI akan membuat keputusan.

Jika pertuduhan dinafikan, majikan memulakan bicara.

Kes Majikan

Pihak majikan memulakan dengan memberikan Hujahan Pembukaan yang akan memberikan intipati fakta yang bakal dibuktikan untuk menunjukkan pihak pekerja tertuduh adalah bersalah melakukan pertuduhan tersebut. 

Pihak pekerja tertuduh juga ada hak untuk membuat Ucapan Pembukaan pada masa ini, atau mempunyai menunda Hujahan Pembukaan sebelum memulakan kes pekerja tertuduh.

Pihak majikan akan meneruskan dengan memanggil saksi dan membentangkan keterangan membuktikan tuduhan yang dilemparkan.

Saperti prosiding di Mahkamah, pendakwa pihak majikan tidak boleh mengemukakan 'leading question'. Contoh leading question adalah : "Pada 15 haribulan Julai, kamu nampak Abdullah merosakkan mesin?

Pekerja tertuduh(atau wakilnya) ada hak membantah kepada apa-apa soalan berasaskan ianya tidak relevan, hanya dengarcakap, dan sebagainya.

Selepas itu, pekerja tertuduh(atau wakilnya) ada hak untuk soal balas saksi pihak majikan.

Selepas itu, pihak majikan ada hak untuk menyoal lagi (re-examination) saksi pihak majikan.

Ahli panel boleh, jika difikirkan perlu, menyoal mana-mana saksi.

Semua ekshibit mesti dibentangkan oleh pembuat dokumen, atau dengan cara sebagaimana digunakan di Mahkamah.

Pihak majikan tidak boleh memanggil pekerja tertuduh sebagai saksi.

Apabila pihak majikan selesai membentangkan kes mereka, iaitu habis memanggil semua saksi, pihak pekerja tertuduh berhak mencabar menyatakan bahawa pihak majikan gagal membuktikan pertuduhan. Bila pencabaran ini berlaku, setelah mendengar hujahan pihak majikan dan pihak pekerja tertuduh, Ahli Panel DI mesti membuat keputusan samada pihak majikan telah berjaya membuktikan pertuduhan tersebut. Jika didapati tidak, tindakan disiplin terhadap pekerja tidak diteruskan. Jika didapati ada bukti menunjukkan pihak pekerja kemungkinan besar telah melakukan  kesalahan tersebut, Ahli Panel akan menjemput pihak pekerja tertuduh membentangkan kesnya.

Kes Pekerja Tertuduh

Pihak pekerja tertuduh akan bermula dengan memanggil saksi mereka. Jika Ucapan Pembukaan belum dibuat di permulaan kes, ianya boleh dibuat pada masa ini sebelum saksi dipanggil

Pihak pekerja tertuduh ada pilihan mahu memberikan keterangan sebagai saksi, tidak memberikan keterangan sebagai saksi atau hanya membuat kenyataan tak bersumpah.

Selepas habis kes tertuduh, mendengar hujahan pihak majikan dan pihak pekerja tertuduh, ahli panel DI akan membuat keputusan, dan jika bersalah cadangan hukuman. Keputusan akan dibaca kepada pekerja tertuduh di dalam prosiding DI terbuka.

Hak Rayuan - ini juga boleh dimasukkan, dan panel rayuan akan mendengar rayuan.

Keputusan dan cadangan hukuman panel DI akan diserahkan kepada pihak majikan yang akan membuat keputusan terakhir.

Perkara berkaitan

Semua saksi sebelum memberikan keterangan perlu bersumpah/berikrar akan bercakap benar.

Pekerja tertuduh (atau wakilnya) ada hak untuk berjumpa dan menemubual mana-mana orang termasuk pekerja majikan berkenaan. Jika pekerja majikan berkenaan, majikan juga akan mengaturkan masa dan tempat sesuai untuk tujuan soal-balas/interbiu ini. Pekerja tertuduh berhak juga meminta, melihat dan membuat salinan apa-apa dokumen majikan untuk tujuan pembelaan kecuali jika dokumen berkenaan bersifat 'highly confidential'.

Pekerja tertuduh berhak memanggil mana-mana saksi, di mana jika ianya pekerja majikan berkenaan, majikan akan memberikan saksi tersebut tanpa apa-apa potongan gaji untuk hadhir memberikan keterangan.

*** Apa yang dinyatakan hanya lakaran - belum lengkap 100% 


Ini juga perkara yang boleh bincang dan dipersetujui... 

Gantung kerja - adalah sesuatu yang tidak harus majikan apabila salahlaku bukan serius. Jika serius pun, jika ianya tak ada kaitan langsung dengan pekerjaan atau perjalanan kerja seharusnya tidak digunakan...

Majikan yang tidak mahu pekerja masuk kerja - jadi jika mahu gantung kerja 

 Isu Gaji - Majikan boleh minta gantung kerja tapi gaji penuh terus dibayar >> kenapa majikan yang tak mahu pekerja masuk kerja tapi pekerja mahu kerja - tambahan pula prinsip 'tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan bersalah' - maka sehingga tamat DI dan DI buat keputusan, bukankah hak pekerja meneriman gaji penuh.
** Gaji biasa cukup untuk kehidupan dan tanggungan biasa pekerja sekeluarga - Bayar hutang bank? Berapa jumlah lebih yang dapat kamu simpan bulanan? Jadi tak wajar digantung kerja dan separuh atau 10% gaji pun di potong.
*** Kamu masih pekerja sehingga majikan tamat DI - dan seterusnya membuang kerja pekerja 

Maka, jika majikan mahukan hak mengantung kerja - pastikan 

(1) gaji penuh 
(2) Jika majikan tak setuju, sekurangkurangnya gaji pokok/asas dibayar kepada pekerja) dengan syarat gaji purata termasuk OT, elaun syif melihat kepada 2 atau 3 bulan sebelum itu  tolak gaji asas juga akan dibayar kembali untuk tempuh masa pergantungan kerja pada tarikh tempuh gantungan tamat) - ini penting, sebab kau bukan kerana pengantungan kerja, pekerja akan mendapatkan gaji lebih daripada gaji pokok.


Di dalam perajnjian kerja atau CA, majikan perlu adakan DI tapi tak buat?

Jika ada CA dan nyata dalam CA perlu ada DI - boleh dibawa ke Mahkamah sebagai 'Trade Dispute'

Jika ada dalam perjanjian kerja atau CA patut ada DI tetapi tidak ada DI - terus sahaja failkan kes sivil di Mahkamah Tinggi...{Sama juga bila tidak ada peruntukan mengenai DI, boleh juga membawa kes ke Mahkamah Tinggi - meminta Mahkamah buat deklarasi...

Masalah kini bila sampai kepada Mahkamah Perusahaan di bawah sek. 20 -Pembuangan Kerja sebagai salah - Mahkamah tak berminat tentang DI, kecacatan dalam DI dan/atau apa yang berlaku atau tidak berlaku dalam DI

Maka, isu berkenaan DI dan pencabulan hak pekerja terpaksa kita bawa kes terus kepada Mahkamah Tinggi. 

Ada banyak lagi yang mahu dikongsi...tetapi di lain masa.