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NUFAM Media Statement - 25/9/2014

25 Sep 2014


MAS airline continues to sack their crew members without justice as this will be the fastest way to save cost on the company

2 senior Female crew and a Senior Male Flight Flight Attendant was recently terminated‎ without proper hearing. The manner these crew members were fired is very unbelievable. 

The National Union have been receiving too many reports in regards to crew members being terminated without notice and this injustice continues to remain very apparent as it fell on the deaf ears of the authorities too.

Who does MAS think they are? They acted above the law and could not careless on people's feelings. 

They fire Union leaders and crew members over trade disputes which they themselves fail to adhere. 

Worstly, they terminate employees on issues which does not make sense at all or even not giving a balance of fair inquiry to these employees. 

NUFAM have records of high suspension and termination over the past 2 years in MAS.

MAS is taking advantage worstly against crew members who have served the airline after so many years and they just ignore the principals of natural justice.

Where is justice for these workers whom have helped the airline during the bad times? Why are those in higher positions still remains in control when the airline fail to make money while they can continue to fire these crew employees without any notice? 

These questions have been raised to the Ministry of Human Resources for so long and it looks like there is no justice for these workers. There has been too many violations in MAS and they are getting away with it.

The National Union is all geared up to picket against MAS if this goes on and perhaps will call for strike if MAS continues to bully the crew members. 

Our crew has responsibilities to their lives and they are just human beings who makes mistakes, nothing that severe to kill their employment.

There seem to be no mercy in MAS today and what perplexes us most is they seem to get the blessings from the authorities.

The airline have in house policies which they created themselves without any consultations with the National Union and these policies mostly do not follow the basic Employment laws or guidelines. People are being axed almost every day and all the authorities could do is just watch and say nothing. 

NUFAM is urging the Minister of Human Resources to intervene immediately to this issue as it appears there is a silent blessing coming coming from him for employees and Union leaders to be sacked by MAS. 

Other Union leaders are also angry today at how the Industry have took a 360 turn against the workers as many of them who are Union members are fired for raising their concerns against the company. The Union Busting activity is getting out of hand. 

Is there really justice for workers here in this country? 

NUFAM wants the Ministry to stop haggling and do whats right for the workers, to protect them from employers who breaks the rule and to ensure employment policies and laws are prevailed. 

We have sufficient employment laws in place but most are not being practised by these companies as they are always being protected in some ways. 


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